Unique Collectibles: Pokemon Toys (Pokeball)

If you are a Pokemon fan then you probably have been disappointed more than once when looking for Pokeball toys. The truth is that the market is flooded with lower-quality imitations of Pokeballs that don’t do justice to the fans who want an accurate replica that simulates closely the functions of the Pokeballs in the original series and video games. A painted plastic ball just doesn’t cut it for fans who truly love Pokemon. But don’t worry, your prayers have been answered. There is one company that specializes in producing high-quality Real Life Pokeballs for fans.

The Phoenix Orb Project is a company that specializes in producing high-quality replicas of Pokemon toys which are designed to please the passionate fans of the Pokemon franchise. We have over 10 years of experience designing, creating, and selling the best Pokemon toys in the market. Our dedication and love for this Anime and Video Game series has led us to become one of the best makers of Pokemon toys. This is because our company is made out of fans of the series and each of our staff members, going from the artisans who craft the Pokeballs to the engineers who design them, are fans of Pokemon and have a deep understanding of how Pokeballs work in the series and video games, and therefore are able to make close real life replicas of them.

Our real life pokeball are handmade using a combination of manual craftsmanship and advanced technology to make a product that looks and feels like the real thing. We use high-quality materials – like Acrylic Ball shells, Button Switches, Microprocessors, Battery holders, and Servos among others – to make a Pokeball that is both resistant and durable enough so that you can play with it without worrying about breaking it. Our balls have more options available that any other commercial Pokeballs in the market, allowing you to bring to life the exciting world of Pokemon battles.

Generally it’s always a rule that quality comes at a high-price, since its worth paying more for a better product than for a cheap version. But in our case we manage to offer our clients the best balance between price and quality. We offer our customers the best pokeballs available in the market for a price that is lower than that of many manufactured ones of much less quality. Our products are made-to-order which means that you can choose how to customize your own pokeballs to suit your taste. Pick your favorite Pokeball or ask to have a customized design made just for you. For the owners of Anime Stores and Distributors we offer wholesale prices for the purchase of our products

With over 10 years of experience modding toys and a total dedication to our craft we take our art very seriously. Sharing our love for Pokemon toys with the world is what drives us to keep giving our 100% to our work, and the quality of our products and the rows of happy fans are witness to it. Don’t settle for an inferior imitation of Pokemon Toys. Our products are the closest reproductions available in the market and will bring to life the adventures of your favorite pokemon characters. Order now our excellent pokemon balls and start catching them all!